This is a record of my walking pilgrimage around 108 temples and a few other sites on Shikoku in April and May 2016.

It took me 50 days to do and I walked over 1,500km as well as taking using cable cars, buses and trains.

I visited the 88 temples that most pilgrims visit along with 20 extra bekkaku temples, and a variety of other interesting sites including Ishizuchi-san, the tallest mountain on Shikoku.

I mostly slept outside in a sleeping bag and sometimes a bivvy bag, a waterproof sack that went over my sleeping bag. It cost me 140,000 yen or about £1,000 over the 50 days, that included a few days of hotel or B&B stays – including a pause in Matsuyama to do some work – ferries to and from Shikoku, all my food and the payments at the temples.

This is a personal record, detailing the dedications I made to people at each temple. It might still be useful for other people considering doing the pilgrimage. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. The Shikoku henro trail website and forum were invaluable in finding out about the pilgrimage.