#1 Sam


Temple: Ryozenji

Dedication: Sam Harvey. I’ve known him since I was fifteen when we used to write letters and send mixtapes to each other. In 2010 we both ended up in London and started spending a lot of time together, often swimming on the heath. He infuriates me and makes me laugh a lot, often at the same time. He means a lot to me. This one is for you Sam.

Picture: Me outside the first temple after getting the basic kit, hopefully looking less confused than I felt. I skipped the hat and stole: next time.

So I’ve started the shikoku pilgrimage. I’ve got a streaming cold and am not sure how it will go but I’ll take it day by day. I’m going to dedicate each temple to a person I care for and say the sutras for them. I’m not sure how much I’ll get to, or want to, write here.

On to the next one, only a few kilometres away.