#104 Dorothy


Temple: Yakuriji – on five sword mountain. It has a meditation hall open to the public, at last.

Dedication: Dorothy was my mum’s mum. She had a great sense of humour and could be quite sharp. She used to look after us when mum was at work and we’d play tricks on her. “Poor Dotty” she’d say, but she was capable of being just as silly as we were. She loved the mountains as well so this one is for you grandma.

I’m sleeping at the top of the cable-car tonight. I’ll be glad when I can get some sleep inside as I’m always a bit on edge sleeping outside however comfortable I’ve got with finding places. In the temple the other night people kept coming to pray all night. Still I’ve been very lucky. John was telling me about a woman who woke him at 2, gave him a big bag of osettai then tried to get into his tent and kiss him. When he declined both of those offers she stuck her fingers in his mouth! I was roaring with laughter. Poor John.