#105 Alan, Val, Paul + Kathryn


Temple: Shidoji

Dedication: Val is my dad’s sister. She’s married to Alan, and he and my dad worked together for most of their lives. Paul and Kathryn are my cousins and have spouses and kids now. We saw a lot of each other growing up, though I see a lot less of them now that only my sister still lives in Preston. I dedicated my visit to this temple to you all this morning. I’m thinking of you.

Picture: I slept on the bench outside the ropeway station and I bought this drink from their shop to say thank you when they gave me permission. I had to email Toppo to ask what it was. He said it’s an old-school cinnamon drink. It was intense, and quite delicious.

The sun is up early these days and I woke just after 4.30. I had a dawn walk with the birds singing for me all the way down from the mountain.

I’ve developed a new blister on top of my toe! How is that possible? I only have a day or two left but no one said it would be easy.