#106 Tori


Temple: Nagaoji

Dedication: The only dedication for someone I don’t know, this one is for Tori Amos. I was a super-fan in my teenage years when she replaced Kylie as my ichiban singer. I remember spending all the money I had on the Hey Jupiter single and then having to walk home because I didn’t have the bus fare. I was very happy with the decision! My fandom has worn off a bit, but I listened to Boys For Pele when I broke up with Ed, and it is just as good an album for broken-heartedness as it was 18 years earlier when I broke up with Sean. Thanks, Tori. Thori.

There was a big commotion in the signing office as I was getting my book stamped and the calligrapher had accidentally started the stamp for the woman in front of me on the page for temple 88. I’d have liked to have that slightly broken, odd book with the stamps on the wrong pages.

It’s a cloudy day with occasional light rain, perfect for walking. I have the last two temples, up adjacent mountains, to go.