#75 Adrian


Temple: Koonji – despite its slightly unfortunate name this temple is pretty spectacular. The hondo was built in 1976 so it really stands out. It was established back in the 6th century and Kukai prayed successfully for a woman having a difficult pregnancy here. People come here to pray for successful deliveries. The main hall is open to the public, is beautiful, and has lots of photos of children around the edge. They gave me two deity slips with my stamp here: Dainichi Nyorai, and a slip with Kobo Daishi holding a baby.

Dedication: I met Adrian in Melbourne and he was crazy fun to hang out with. He might be going to burning man next year so if Phil manages to convince me to go then I’ll see you there Adrian.


Picture: I didn’t know if you could take pictures in the hall but later in the day I ran into Toppo and he’d taken one for me.