#74: Piers


Temple: Hojuji – the main hall is closed and completely concealed so they have set up a small temporary hall for pilgrims to chant in front of.

Dedication: I met Piers through Sam, the one man social network. He very sweetly came to a lot of my yoga sessions. He’s a big swimmer as well. I’m looking forward to swimming in the ponds at Hampstead with him again when I’m back. He was ill just before I left with something horrible so I hope you’re recovering well Piers.

Picture: One of the big vending machine companies. Their slogan never fails to make smile.

Walk. Walk. Walk.

The sun is blazing today. I’ve set my heart on a tsuyado enclosed hut 40km down the road as I could do with a good night’s sleep. I’m convinced if Margaret Thatcher had got more than 4 hours sleep a night she would have had more empathy and the world would be a better place. Will see what happens (with me, not Mags).