#65 Dan + Chris


Temple: Taisanji

Dedication: Dan was a friend when I was growing up. He was always a great artist and a few years ago we worked together when he drew artwork for HDYO. Chris, his mum, is fantastic and it’s always nice to see her. They’re both going through some tough times and I’m thinking of you both and sending you some love from this beautiful sunny temple.

Picture: it’s wheat harvest time, the same fields had rice in them a few months ago and they’ll burn what’s left ready to go back to rice again in the next few days.

It’s a glorious sunny day, everyone on the henro path says it’s too hot to walk but I’m enjoying it. Probably because I’ve only been back on the road for two days so the sleep deprivation hasn’t set in yet. I do think sleep is the most important thing in deciding my mood and how I cope with things.