#58 Tash


Temple: Jodoji

Dedication: I lived in Tash’s house for a while in Manchester when I was 18. She was an artist and was always fun to be around. I ended up in an odd situation where I was in dispute with the letting agents and so not paying them but instead payed her rent directly. I distinctly remember a skirt she made that she dyed blue with Quink that then ran in the rain while we were on a night out in Manchester and ended up staining everything. The last I heard was years ago when she was at St Martin’s. I hope you’re well, Tash.

Picture: Three of the seven gods. These seven are a funny mix of Hindu, Taoist, Buddhist and homegrown gods who people worship. They appear in many temples and shrines and add to the general mix and confusion of Japanese religions.

There was a trainee at this temple and she started to do the calligraphy in my stamp book but got stuck. She had to hand it to someone else who blotted out her attempt with a large black stroke and then started again. By way of apology she gave me a charm to tie to my staff.