#103 Grant


Temple: Yashimaji – a beautiful and elaborate mountain temple. The view down to the city in the sun almost makes it look like the Mediterranean.

Dedication: I went out with Grant for a few months around the start of uni. He lent me an SGI Indy which might be the best computer I’ve ever had. He took me for some great meals in Cambridge, and he prepared me for a relationship with Ed by talking loudly about people sat near us. We weren’t a great match but it ended it badly because I didn’t have the courage to tell him that directly. I’m sorry for that.

Picture: According to the sign next to this fella the Yashimo Tasaburo Badger was considered to be a monogamist and is a god of peaceful families, marriages and the restaurant business. You see little statues of him outside a lot of restaurants. A metamorphosis of him saved Kukai when he was lost on this mountain.