#99 Jacob


Temple: Shiromineji – Kukai buried a jewel at the summit of the mountain here, someone else saw the light given off by the jewel and came and built the temple.

Dedication: I went out with Jacob for a bit in Manchester. He had pierced his own nipple with a dart in the bath. We used to go to bars and snog until someone had a problem, at which point Jacob would hit them. He was very sweet to me. I didn’t like anyone sleeping in my single bed with me so he would sleep on the floor and reach up and hold my hand. Last I heard he was a drama teacher in Wigan – sounds perfect. Have fun and have faith Jacob.

Picture: now that’s what I call a Fudo Myoo.

The walk up here was another henro-korogashi, a difficult place, where pilgrims fall down. They’re mostly on the uphill sections, though the way to the toilet in one of the zenkanyados was definitely a henro-korogashi. I had to cross the motorway as well, just before the ascent.

It was a nice mountain path, and the weather was not too bad given that it was supposed to be thunderstorms all day, just a bit of light rain. There’s a big army base on the mountain so half of the path was very ancient maintained path with buddha statues and half was firing ranges.