#89 Sarah + Mike


Temple: Shusshakaji – I’ve gone a tiny bit out of order so I start the day with a temple on a hill and can go downhill as it gets hotter

Dedication: Sarah is Ed’s boss at UCL and Mike is her other half. We used to go for fairly regular dinners with them but, unlike with some of the other duties of a doctors wife, I always used to look forward to them. Sarah is charismatic, compassionate and quite brilliant. I’m thinking of her and her mum at this temple. Mike reminds me of Chris in that he is interested in everything, has a mass of knowledge and can form an opinion, and then argue against it, on anything. Mike is also a great author. I highly recommend La Rochelle and will be reading his second book very soon. May you both be well.

Picture: a drain chain, John sketched one and it made me notice them. Even though I’ve seen them everyday it’s very easy to not pay attention.

I slept in a park that had another open air theatre in it so set up on the stage for a bit of shelter. John arrived there as well along with two cyclists, one of whom drank so much he threw up at about 9pm!

John treated us to a harmonica gig at 5.45am. Lovely fun way to start the day.