#8 Philip


Temple: Jurakuji

Dedication: Phil is magnificent in every single way. I’ve known him since uni where he formed a third of Jesus Gays (or first year ones anyway). I’ve been relying on him a lot while I’ve been travelling as a voice of reason over WhatsApp.  He’s got a Royal Opera House production coming up in May while I’m still doing this and I’m very sorry to miss it.

I took the downhill just as slow as uphill and my knee is thanking me for it.  It was a little difficult as the bangai temples don’t have as many route markers but I managed to find it with my compass and map book.  The priest from the bangai temple passed me on the road in his van, smoking a fag, and handed me a bottle of green tea as another osettai! The weather is perfect today: blue skies and cool winds.