#70 Servan


Temple: Ikiki Jizo – a small bangai temple not far from the main route. The deity is Jizo and the statue has been carved into a tree that sometimes still produces green shoots. Not today though. There was a lovely high shrine just next door that went all the way up to the hill behind the temple and was very well looked after.

Dedication: Servan was my boss at Qube. He had already sold one company to Microsoft for millions and then founded another. He was quite brilliant and charismatic, fun to be around and had some great ideas. Things didn’t work out in the end but I was glad to work for him while I did.

Picture: some crazy drink Toppo made me try, you use the lid to force a marble into it which carbonates it somehow (mine slightly exploded) and then have to drink very carefully balancing the marble in a spot that ensures it pours correctly. The taste is described as honey cider. You can keep the marble after, and all for ¥100.

My current look could not be described as bang on trend. Possibly it could be called eccentric if you were feeling generous. I have two staffs. I found one in a forest. I’ve bound them together with hair ties from a 100 yen store. My green trousers split down the middle after I’d patched two holes in them already, so I bought some second-hand yellow linen trousers (which may not stay very bright for long). I’ve bought some of the purple farmers’ boots that Toppo wears – they’re much more comfortable for road walking than hiking boots. I have a hat from Target in Australia and a very crinkled henro vest. So: