#52 Emily


Temple: Iwayaji – designated as a difficult place in the mountains, a funny woman found it for Kukai

Dedication: Em, Emi, Lamb, she’s my sister. We sometimes got on and sometimes used to fight like crazy. We don’t always agree but I love her. She was amazing when I split up with Ed and still sends me stupid photos of herself to cheer me up. Love you lamb. This incredible temple is for you.

I spent the night in a park and started early. The mountain paths to this temple were incredible. I dropped down into the back of the temple and suddenly came across a massive shrine to Fudo Myoo build into an enormous cliff then half a km on came to the temple. It’s surrounded by cliffs and is really breathtaking, even if you drive to this one it’s quite a climb to the temple. It also had beautiful looking accomodation. A lot of the temples run hotels on site and most of them are very expensive – this is the only one I’ve been tempted to stay at.