#48 Austin


Temple: Butsumokuji – the legend here is something about Kobo Daishi riding on a cow then throwing a camphor tree from China.

Dedication: Boxy, as his brother suggested, and his parents tragically failed to christen him, is my younger nephew. He’s very energetic, which is great and entertaining for me and sometimes hard work for his parents. This one is for you Austin.

I had a lovely onsen this afternoon at a massive complex that had a nice tatami sleeping area where you could buy a drink, play a game or just have a nap after your bath. Public baths are the best. The sento, which are the same but with tap water instead of natural hot springs, are fun as well.

I am always seeming to want something else at the moment. When it’s raining I want it to be dry, when it’s sunny I want the rain back. When I’m with someone I’m annoyed by their planning and having to change my pace for them, when I’m alone I feel a gap of being without a connection. It’s all good though, even the bits that feel like agony.