#44 Mau + RR


Temple: Enkoji – In 911 a turtle with a red bell came back here from the ocean with a red bell on its back. There it is, behind the greedy carp who have eaten the bell.

Dedication: I met Ricardo and Mau last year when they were studying in London. They’re back in Chile now. They’re a sweet couple and fun to be around. I’m dedicating this one to you two.

My leg is getting better, mostly through binding and resting a bit. I had a massage as well which helped how tight my back was as well as helping with my Japanese anatomy terms. I will see how it goes tomorrow but I think it’ll be OK doing about 20km.

I’ve been thinking about expectations quite a lot while walking. With the day off in Kochi I checked and replied to email and was suddenly aware of the outside world again. With the injury I’ve been thinking about people I might miss dedications to if I don’t finish. That’s made me less likely to just stand in front of the temple and see who came to mind.

Nothing has changed. I’m just walking. But it has.