#42 Taymour


Temple: Iwamotoji – it has five deities, a bonanza temple.

Dedication: I met Tay in the first year of uni with his fantastic Japanese geta wooden slippers that meant you always knew when he was coming. He makes up another triumvirate in my life along with Phil. This one is mostly aligned for gossip though we did talk about starting a company together a year or two ago. Tay is an amazing guy, very smart and talented in loads of fields. He hosted me for a while after I split up with Ed and I’m very thankful to have him in my life.

Picture: I’ve been walking along gentle mountain passes in the mist and drizzle today, reminds me of home.

Last night I stayed in an open hut with an old timer with only one tooth. I’ve met a few of these guys, endlessly walking and carrying shopping bags full of stuff.

I went to the onsen before bed, it was on a hill in a lovely hotel and had incredible views over the coast. Sitting naked in a boiling hot spring rock pool is the best way to end a long day of walking. There were three business men who were amazed I was sleeping outside as it was going to rain and a couple of young guys who ignored me until I was leaving when they chanced a loud “Goodbye!”. You can always tell the bravest kid in a school group as they’re the ones that will shout “Hello” normally followed by them all laughing and running off. It’s pretty adorable.

This morning the old timer was heading across the old closed mountain path. I took the easier route. It’s raining for at least the next two days according to the temple staff so I’m trying to finish near an onsen every day and a coin laundry on the last day of rain to dry all my wet stuff. My good knee is aching and my hip as well though so I’m not sure how far I’ll get.