#30 Chris


Temple: Kongochoji

Dedication: I met Chris at uni where he was studying law and have known him ever since with our paths crossing now and then. He recently let me stay in his Shoreditch house for a week after breaking up with Ed and it was a perfect place to have some peace and reflect, even mourn a little. The amazing thing about Chris is his curiosity. I can talk to him about any topic and he’ll find the interesting aspects of it. He joined book club recently and is on his way to shaking it up as well. That should be fun. Thanks, Chris.

At this onsen I met up with everyone who has stayed in the school as well as a random Japanese guy who was doing the walk on stilts! The onsen was closed but we all washed and chatted outside while Toppo messed around taking photos and video. It’s going to be another glorious sunny day so I need a proper bath somewhere but it’s hard to complain about life when it’s sunny and you’re with good people.