#28 Tuan


Temple: Hotsumisakiji

Dedication: I met Tuan in Sydney and we had a few great days together including an evening of records and wine at his place with James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and Janis Ian among others – loved it! He’s an incredibly smart guy doing research in presentation of queer objects in museum collections. I’m looking forward to seeing him in the UK when he gets over to London with work.

Picture: I was with Pierre and we’d been walking with two Japanese guys – Shin and Toppo. We couldn’t find anywhere to sleep and the local bus shelter was occupied by an older pilgrim who had set up camp there. We followed them to an old abandoned school ground and they encouraged us to go and try the bus shelter. After we persisted they “confessed” they’d found a way into the school and after eating we all made up our beds in the abandoned building. It was the perfect place to stay and a really fun night.