#18 Sarah + Ian


Dedication: Sarah + Ian were my inlaws for many years. I met them on my second date with Ed when he left me in the lounge with them for ages while he made tea. They’ve been nothing but great to me and I really enjoyed visiting them, hosting them and going on holiday with them. Sarah, in particular, has a playful and fun side as well as a quick wit that I really admire.

Temple: Kannonji

Picture: At the end of yesterday my blisters were killing me. I was really hungry and struggling to function. An old woman on a motorbike pulled up and talked to me for a few minutes with me unable to understand anything but general pointing in the direction I wanted to go. As I was about to set off she stopped her bike, got off and gave me this box. I was so grateful and when I got to eat it even more so – it was a delicious mixture of rice, beans and mushrooms that was perfect. People on Shikoku are like people anywhere, some are rude, some are busy, some are very kindhearted. But the people who care are really making my journey special.